Meet Our Coaches



Shane Fazen is a striking coach who has dedicated his life to learning the ways of martial arts, for both competition and self defense, and sharing that knowledge on FIGHTTIPS (which he founded in 2003.)

Introduced to Taekwondo by his father at age 9, Shane earned his black belt under Grandmasters Ray Minger & Pung Young Lee. At age 15, he began training Muay Thai at Daddis MMA under Kru Rigel Balsamico’s Cool Hearts team. He competed in WKA tournaments and won a pro match in Thailand at 19 years old via 4th round KO. After injuring his foot in that fight, he focused his training on Western Boxing, competing in renowned tournaments like the Mid-Atlantic and Golden Gloves.

After attending Coach Kirian Fitzgibbons’s CSA Gym Coaches Clinic, Shane realized that his mission was not to be a fighter himself but to focus his energy on being an elite striking coach. His mission is to learn as much as possible by training with the best in the world, which so far include Bellator, UFC, and Lumpinee Champions.

With the acquired knowledge, Shane not only works with fighters individually, but also holds group seminars all over the world. Above all else, Shane stays dedicated to FIGHTTIPS because of the thousands of messages he receives from people explaining how martial arts has improved their lives.



Vince “The Anomaly” Cachero is a rising professional MMA fighter out of Los Angeles, CA. The Anomaly has a record of 7-3 representing Adam Lerner’s A4 Boxing, Black House MMA, and CMMA. After 7 fights in the LFA, Vince made his UFC debut in August 2020 at UFC Fight Night 173. Raised in Hawai’i, a state known for producing scrappy fighters, The Anomaly prides himself in his violent style. He earned his purple belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu under UFC fighter Pedro Munhoz and now trains under Rickson Gracie Black Belt Kevin Casey. Vince was a 2x amateur champion for the U of MMA.

Outside of the cage, you can find Vince behind the lens as a professional photographer and videographer who has shot the likes of Anderson Silva, Lyoto Machida, and many more legends of MMA. You can see his work at or at Black House MMA, where Vince shoots and trains from time to time.

Shane’s note: I asked Vince to be a part of FIGHTTIPS after a sparring session with him at Systems Training Center. His fight IQ seemed to be through the roof, so I asked him to explain one of his techniques to me. His instruction was crystal clear, and easy-to-follow. Once I saw how talented he was outside of the ring, with photography and graphic design, I wondered how he was able to gain all of these skills. He explained how he prides himself in ‘out-learning’ his fellow man. “I may not be the fastest or the strongest, but I’ll out-learn you at anything!” he said.



Erin Herle is a jiu jitsu black belt and amateur MMA fighter. She has over ten years of jiu jitsu training and competition experience under Romulo Barral, Marcelo Garcia, and Rubens Cobrinha Maciel. Her notable achievements include brown belt IBJJF World Nogi Champion and IBJJ European Champion, as well as black belt CBJJF Sul Americano Champion and IBJJF Asian National Champion. Her travels have brought her to over 20 countries to either compete or teach seminars.

Off the mat, Erin established the mental health movement #SubmitTheStigma, which became a 501(c)3 non profit in 2016. Her campaign seeks to normalize mental health within the martial arts community and create a community that cares for and respects mental wellness.



PJ Shirdan is a boxing coach & performance trainer. A former All American amateur boxer in the 185 lb. division & football player from Philadelphia, PJ now trains out of Los Angeles, CA. PJ has 10+ years of boxing experience, has worked with professional boxers, UFC fighters, hockey and football athletes; Specializing in speed, agility, strength & balance. Training is a passion, but teaching is his purpose as he educates, motivates & teaches his students to maximize their performance and life to have the Best Day Ever, every day.

Outside of the gym, you can find PJ all around LA, eating good food, mentoring underprivileged kids, motivating others and having his best day ever!

Shane’s note: PJ and I have tons of mutual friends/ training partners from Philadelphia, but we didn’t officially meet until we both got to the West Coast. We hit it off right away, holding mitts for each other and filming FIGHTTIPS videos. It was apparent that “Coach” was driven, selfless, and truly passionate about helping others. I don’t know when this guy sleeps, because I’ve never heard him use the word “no” — if he’s not training, he’s working for a non-profit, praying, vlogging, motivating, etc. Fun fact: I made a video showcasing how good of a person Coach PJ is, just because I want more people to be like him.